Why Union?

The Labor Movement can best be described by one word:  SOLIDARITY!  The right of workers to come together has allowed them to receive benefits that they would not have otherwise enjoyed.  Local 440 has negotiated the following for its members:
Union Wages

  • Union Wages versus Non-Union Wages (including fringe benefits) are nearly 3 times higher according to the Bureau of Labor statistics for the state of Indiana 
  • Non-Union Workers often must pay all or part of their benefits packages – therefore, their wages actually go down when fringes are calculated in. 
  • Basic Union Wages go up due to the employer contribution negotiated by our collective bargaining agreement. 

Employer Contributed Fringe Benefits Package:

  • Health & Welfare Plan 
  • Supplemental Dental & Vision Plan 
  • Disability Benefit 
  • Death Benefit 
  • Pension 
  • Annuity 

Safer Working Conditions


Better work productivity

Greater job stability

Visit the AFL-CIO (http://www.aflcio.org) to learn more about Why Union.  The Bureau of Labor (http://www.bls.gov/home.htm) has some very interesting statistics as well.
In closing, it has been said that a single stick is easy to break but a bundle is much harder.  This is the reason why Unions are so important for workers’ rights.  By implementing solidarity, or complete unity, we are much stronger and our voice WILL BE HEARD!