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Local 440 members, these are the latest updates we have from the COVID-19


  • The biggest take away is still to “stay at home” if you’re sick or anyone in your family or household is
  • Our best advice currently is to try to maintain our workforce for our owners, contractors and benefit funds
  • If you qualify for any of the benefits that start on April 2, 2020 included in the Family First Coronavirus Relief Act you should explore those options with the contractor
  • The CARES act is not finalized at this point. Hopefully it will be soon and there will be more concrete information
  • It would certainly seem that if they qualify for any provision in the FFCRA that we would use that as the first defense in our joint endeavor to keep members working and healthy and financially stable.
  • We need to endeavor to ask that none of our members ask for a lay off in these trying times
  • In our efforts to maintain our work force, we will be informing our members to do everything they can to stay on the jobsites. We must all make a concerted effort to ensure that all CDC and OSHA protocols are being strictly adhered to. This is paramount to try to stop the spread of this very difficult virus. Our joint efforts can’t be weak hearted but must be diligent and direct. I believe that these efforts must include every resource available up to and including involving OSHA to ensure everyone has a safe environment to work in
  • We absolutely make a strong recommendation to all of our members that quitting is not a good option and that they should make every good faith effort to share in the responsibility to keep our workforce intact and keep everyone and their families safe at the same time


 Donald Bough
Business Manager




UA Local 440 Union Meeting that was to be held on April 27th and the Retirees cookout scheduled for May 6th have been cancelled. 




Due to the circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 virus school has been cancelled for the rest of the year.

If you are currently enrolled in any of the following certification classes, please stay in contact with your instructor regarding your homework. This includes MED GAS, UA STAR, FOREMAN, and PLUMBING CODE.

BOOK FEES - Building Trade Apprentices your book fees are now due at your Back to School Meeting on August 19, 2020.
For Residential Apprentices your book fees are due at your Back to School Meeting on September 14, 2020.

Residential Apprentices enrolled in Personal Finance please stay in contact with your instructor regarding your homework assignments.

Class schedules for all apprentices will go out as soon as the 2020 - 2021 school schedule has been completed. Your copy will be mailed to you.

Please continue to watch Facebook and your text messages for updates


Please click HERE to see more information from Activate Health Clinic.

The Easter Egg Hunt that was to be held on April 4, 2020 has been CANCELLED.


Check out this video from Fill the Foxhole "Packing the Boxes" Day 2019!

You all made this possible! Thank you for all you have done!
Click here to view the video.


Backflow Active Tester Questionnaire

Click here to view the questionnaire.


Check out the New Building Photos!

11/25/19 Aerial View of Our New Home

11/14/19 Training Center entrance

11/14/19 Business Office and Union Hall entrance

11/14/19 The new building is coming together


 9/19/19 asphalt, roof almost done, rooftop units 

 8/13/19 Parking lot curbs, framing and roof going

 6/29/19 Primary Structural and decking nearly complete


Taken 6/3/19. Steel has begun, it's going to be a fast summer.

The latest aerial photo shot on 3/19/19. The full video is posted on the Facebook page.


 Here's an aerial photo from 1/18/19. nice lake at our future home. Check out the full video on the Local 440 facebook page. more to come, just waiting on mother nature now.


  Here's an aerial photo of the construction site for the new facility. If the weather cooperates we should be digging foundations soon. 1/18/19





Updating your TWIC card will make you more employable to our contractors.


For information regarding Indiana Careers in Construction, click on Built to Succeed.  


Stay in touch with events and updates happening with Local 440. New posts are in Member News!



July 6, 1903: Steamfitters Local 440 was chartered into the United Association

January 1, 1974: Steamfitters Local 440, Plumbers Local 73, and Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 330 (Kokomo) were merged to form Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 440

April 1, 1985: Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 632 (Columbus) merged with Local 440

July 1, 2013: Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 661 (Muncie) was consolidated into Local 440
What We Do

Provide highly skilled tradesmen who fabricate, install and service piping systems

Work includes heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems 
What We Provide

Contractors and owners:  seek work, good labor relations, highly skilled workforce

Members:  representation to negotiate competitive wages/benefits, training, job referral, mediation, and political action 
Our Goal
Provide industry and its contractors with the most highly skilled and efficient mechanics available  


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